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The brand identity is the overall distinctive look of the company or person, and extends beyond logo design to include its application on stationery, websites, advertisements and so on. When a brand identity works, one should be able to tell the brand even if the logo is not shown.

Packaging is a unique form of art. It is the first opportunity to communicate with your targeted group of consumer and to make an impact on people who haven’t had a chance to actually see the product. Therefore, enticing a potential consumer to desire the product inside becomes the primary design goal. The package has to stop people in their tracks and make them want to further explore the goods.

Professionally designed print immediately gives a positive impression of your company and creates brand recognition. With many digital agencies working mainly in online or digital design, we still see the importance of print design. Having brochures you can touch, pick up and engage in, impresses your clients and can get you noticed amongst the predominantly digital marketing strategies of today.