SCG Green Choice

You Can Choose for the World

Passion for Sustainable Living

SCG has established a sustainable business practice guideline. Apply this approach to business operations, focusing on research, development, and adoption of modern technology to produce innovative products, services, and environmentally friendly solutions. To meet the changing needs of modern consumers who are more environmentally conscious, the SCG Green Choice self-certification label was issued to SCG products and services under the slogan “You can choose for the world” to help consumers choose products for them. Easier and rest assured that it is an environmentally friendly product that is good for the quality of life through product information, features, and environmental benefits, clear of the product group with the certification label.

Norman’s team develop the new identity for SCG Green Choice, the geometric shapes of the identity are inspired by the green graphic leaf of the logo. In applications, the shapes can be used as containers for images or arranged and repeated in mosaic patterns that had to feel modernized, simple and trustworthy.


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